A Supergorgeous NEWSTART!

So there we have it! I've posted every one of my super-simple 8 TIPS FOR SUPERGORGEOUSNESS in minature. Each 'SuperTip' would need it's very [...]

2015-01-30T22:53:20+11:00January 30th, 2015|

Food Cravings?

We've all experienced food cravings/addictions of one kind or another. I'd like to suggest that the feeling of desire for any food/substance can actually [...]

2012-03-29T17:14:01+11:00March 29th, 2012|

Seasonal Fasting

OK. So I've been tweeting madly about my first detox of the new year & I know so many of you may not have [...]

2012-02-19T22:55:43+11:00February 19th, 2012|
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