Neopolitian Supersmoothie

This easy to make smoothie reminds me of Neopolitian ice-cream! Better still its full of antioxidants, good fats, healing antibacterial honey (may use raw [...]

2012-11-14T09:03:41+11:00November 14th, 2012|

Fabulous 4Step Facial

Me and my friend Sarah having some pampering in my bathroom, her hubby Simon came along to snap some digi pics for you... The [...]

2012-11-11T05:28:01+11:00November 11th, 2012|


If you haven't yet purchased your e-copy of Model Chocolate, the coupon code 'MELBOURNECHOC' is still on offer for the next 2 days only! [...]

2012-11-10T21:23:43+11:00November 10th, 2012|

The Chocolate-Freak Model

The Weekend Star refers to Abigail as 'The Chocolate Freak Model' but goes on to write about the difference between raw superfood chocolate and [...]

2018-06-04T12:01:47+10:00November 10th, 2012|


This ones a winner. PS. You may omit nuts & add a teaspoonful organic rum if you want rum & raisin (shhh though, I [...]

2012-10-29T14:44:48+11:00October 29th, 2012|
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