This is a year for a lot of things… Firstly, getting back my best body ever.

Many of you may know that I’ve spent the last couple of years working on Model Chocolate, writing a little for The Chalkboard Magazine, Organice Your Life and as always juggling motherhood and still enjoying the odd modelling job. It’s a testament to my raw chocolate (as well as all the other wonderful things I eat) that I’m not more out of shape! Only, I’m actually not fit. Not like when I was surfing 3 times a week, practicing yoga, and cross training. I’m so excited about feeling strong again! Because Exercise = Empowerment. So as I sit typing this and thinking of the billion things that need to be accomplished in this day, I can feel the endorphins kicking in from this mornings brisk jog! Of course that calls for some extra indulging. I’m taking a second serving of my delicious ‘Stark Naked (raw vegan – better than the ‘real thing’ – in the book) Tiramisu’…mmmm so good…yes it is metabolism boosting.

Thank-you to Bryce Wegener for the snaps 🙂

Bryce is a close family friend, and he was taking some pictures of my boys surfing when I snuck in for a dip. If I’m not surfing my 9.2 single fin I love to sandscrub on the beach and swim in the mineral rich alkalising sea water.

One of my sons is catching a wave into shore behind me.

I felt a little like he was a paparazzi but when I looked at the untouched photos they reminded me of one of my favourite images from the 80’s. I’ve posted it below.

The classic Vogue image, is by Patrick Russell is inspiration for how toned my legs will be at the end of this awesome year!


Sea SplashSandscrubbing

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