I do rather weird things to my skin.. I make masks out of clay, fruits, yogurt, milk, oats, chocolate, spirulina, fresh aloes & parsley. I make scrubs out of almonds.. I often use manuka honey & jellybush to clean, nourish or heal my skin. I love to give my skin a complete ‘break’ occasionally.. you know, go to bed with it clean & just let it be hungry! I always keep on hand a nice little toner I make out of rosewater, witch hazel & essential oil of rose which works beautifully & is cheap too.

Your skin is usually a good indication of whats going on in your body. I believe in taking care of my body first.. then using organic products & treatments to enhance, heal or rejuvenate as needed.
Steam baths are amazing for glowing skin. I mean whole body steams! So powerful to cleanse from the inside out and leave you truly radiant. I try to steam bath once a week but even a quick hot 3mins, cold30secs x3 shower can do the trick.. Try it before you go out next time! & think beautiful thoughts, about you ♥