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Vanilla Halva

This anti-aging health candy is as delicious as it is nutritious. VANILLA HALVA is so easy to prepare, and if you like you can [...]

2010-03-11T20:12:26+11:00March 11th, 2010|

Green Drinks

I BELIEVE IN GREEN DRINKS................ Amazing for your skin, cleansing for the liver, refreshing all the internal organs, the lymph, your whole BEING will [...]

2010-03-08T20:40:47+11:00March 8th, 2010|

The Voice Divine

"The Divine Voice is not always expressed in words. It is made known as a heart-consciousness." ~ AJ Russell, God Calling

2010-03-01T21:08:28+11:00March 1st, 2010|

Mango Smoothie

I've been picking delicious juicy organic mangoes off my little tree! Yay for summer smoothies.. Mango Smoothies Recipe ♥ 2 frozen organic mangoes cut [...]

2010-02-15T23:18:31+11:00February 15th, 2010|

Yoga Morning

My photographer friend Bryce Wegener took these pics while we were on holidays with him & his family at Broomes Head. Just looking at [...]

2010-02-13T00:01:09+11:00February 13th, 2010|

Fast Food 4 Your Skin..

Prevention is better than cure, true about your skin.. true about preventing cravings which lead to bad skin! If you're really really busy you [...]

2010-02-09T21:30:55+11:00February 9th, 2010|

Fresh from the Garden

Sometimes on these hot summer days you just feel like eating freshhh! Garden organic lettuce, with grated beetroot, some goji berries for extra antioxidants, [...]

2010-02-02T15:49:25+11:00February 2nd, 2010|

Seaweed Chips

Taste tantalising seaweed chips! So much better than fat laden packet chips; these are light, great for travelling & they are absolutely chockas full [...]

2010-02-02T14:17:32+11:00February 2nd, 2010|