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Better than Rubies

I literally felt like a million dollars walking around in this exquisitely crafted pink diamond necklace (over 1M & you can have it).. not [...]

2011-02-03T18:04:41+11:00February 3rd, 2011|

Pain Pain, GO Away

We've all experienced the various discomforts of pain. Whether it's a headache or a backache or even PMS. Pain is NOT NICE! The easy [...]

2011-01-27T20:56:58+11:00January 27th, 2011|

‘Raw Energy’ Breaky Charlotte

Spirulina balls, raw smoothies & chocolate pie with Charlotte (my eldest)! Us having a nice little breaky at 'Raw Energy', Coolangatta. (Charly got scrambled [...]

2011-01-25T04:15:37+11:00January 25th, 2011|

Medicine Soup

Recovering from a nasty little head cold I felt the need for something cleansing, soothing & healing for lunch.. I've been drinking lots of [...]

2011-01-20T23:43:02+11:00January 20th, 2011|

JOYFRENCH 100% Organic Clothing

This week I worked with Joy French. She's an ethical, fairtrade, organic designer & artist. Joy's clothing is made from 100% organic cotton mostly [...]

2011-01-18T23:32:26+11:00January 18th, 2011|

My Steam Bath

We created this little 'Day Spa' during a few days to ourselves over the holidays.. Its quite easy to make a little paradise of [...]

2011-01-18T22:42:57+11:00January 18th, 2011|

‘Cheescake’ Yogurt

YOU WON'T BELIEVE HOW YUMMY THIS IS Try this: Layer natural Organic Yogurt of your choice (I often use sheeps its creamy & delicious [...]

2011-01-10T18:24:28+11:00January 10th, 2011|