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SPICED RESTORATION BUTTER BATH   This sensual, restorative bath was borne out of dire need, over the course of writing my glorious Model Chocolate!.... [...]

2013-03-05T17:56:57+11:00March 5th, 2013|


RAW COCO-CACAO BISCUITS Introducing a simple ‘raw foodie’ cacao coconut biscuit. No food processor needed. If you have nut intolerance you could use tahini. [...]

2013-03-04T13:42:43+11:00March 4th, 2013|

Mango-Blueberry MC Supersmoothie

This mornings Model Chocolate green Supersmoothie variation was oh so creamy and delicious!...couldn't taste the greens at ALL! <3 Instead of using green coconut [...]

2013-02-19T07:06:45+11:00February 19th, 2013|

Mango Tree!

YES I'M TOTALLY SPOILED!!! Loving Summer, loving bikini's, loving life and LOVING ORGANIC MANGOES FRESH FROM THE TREE!!!!! YES! Thanks darling hubby, Gerri, for [...]

2013-01-10T15:18:41+11:00January 10th, 2013|

Raw Seed Crackers

I love these crunchy crackers or flatbreads in place of sourdough toast with my poached egg on a busy morning when I need protein [...]

2013-01-10T11:12:59+11:00January 10th, 2013|

Your Zen Life – Free Recipe

LOVVVE a bit of healthy inspiration! Don't you? I've been counting down the months, weeks, days until Teresa Palmer and Phoebe Tonkin would launch [...]

2012-12-10T10:56:49+11:00December 10th, 2012|

DIY Tumeric Banana Face Mask

This super-easy face mask revitalised my skin in a flash! It's mild enough for any skin type and is gently purifying, nourishing, hydrating. Tumeric [...]

2012-11-16T14:59:01+11:00November 16th, 2012|
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