ANXIETY. The very worst word in the English dictionary. Absolutely nothing hurts like mind pain, I’m sorry to admit, and it’s not like I haven’t been through enough devastating life-losses to verify it.

Hi my friends, family, readers, appreciate your checking in to my (usually more positive) site today.

This sad tale, is one that I must share, because I know our family is not alone, and I would write to encourage others of you who are suffering like we are. Silent villain I despise you. Is it our modern lifestyles, gmo foods (thinking out loud), routine 200+ vaccinations? Technology? …

No one that I know has anxiety worse. It’s certainly not a contest and we definitely wouldn’t like to win it if it was. Utterly debilitating, torturous beyond words, agonising to say the least. Day in, day out. My eldest son, 21. Paralyzed beyond fear. Vexed. Shuddering. Perplexed. Confused, so terrified. Terrified is the most horrible word to hear a young man admit to. Afraid of everything, nothing, everything in between, it’s heart-wrenching.

Together we are not losing hope. As a family, we are pressing on. We daily use specific herbs (tried/trying various), prayer, hydro, exercise, proper nutrition, essential oils, and breathing. We are about to embark on some homeopathic remedies.

Currently, the dearest, most uber-talented, multifaceted artist, songwriter, musician, film-maker, comedian, and all round epic human that is our son, my other children’s brother, and charismatic friend to many…is away. He’s seeking new mind-management techniques and strategies, anything we don’t already know of, at an alternative place called The Health Retreat, QLD. We’ve heard some good reports, and yes, it’s very expensive. Not that we are counting. We would sell our house, we would give everything we have if we could only bring relief to our precious sons mind.

boysandme.3I’m not going to write more. It just hurts beyond words. It’s hurt our wonderfully kind and supportive to each other family more than anything in the world. As you know I’ve lost my younger sister 2 years ago, my mother only 5months ago, and yet this is hammering down like lead on my chest daily, harder than anything in the world is to watch your own children suffer. It’s crippling to watch anxiety hurt the other of my family members so badly. When you love as closely as our family does, when one suffers we all suffer. Nothing can prepare you for this.

None of us will ever stop the support and love that keeps our precious agonising one ‘ok’. We are all pretty exhausted. But that’s what you do when you truly love. I’m so proud of every one of you, my amazing family. You inspire me daily, each of you are the best in the entire world!

Here is a song Rory has composed and recorded, devoted to anyone suffering from mental illness, please share with your friends and family. Click to watch Rory’s >>> “STUCK INSIDE MY MIND” ย  ๐Ÿ™

Much sympathy and love to anyone of you who suffer yourself or support someone with anxiety. Our hearts truly feel your pain.ย โ™กโ™กโ™ก