While speaking of Antioxidants (such as found in these Wild Raspberries re: post ‘Wild Raspberry Picnic’) some do boast of being more amazing than others; such as Goji Berries, Green Tea, Raw Cacao (instead of regular cocoa), Acai Berries & powder (SO GOOD!), White Tea & there are more..
But you did you know an Apple can contain more Antioxidants than a few cups of green tea?.. Blueberries.. Fruits of all colours, colourful vegetables.. those little superhero nutrients are EVERYWHERE.. if you focus on eating good food & you’ll probably cover your daily ration of Antioxidants.
I love all the abundance nature has to offer.. especially locally grown, fresh produce. The ‘Superfoods’ mentioned above give an extra pickme up if you really need it.. but i find the balancing effect of greens most essential like the green goodness of freshly made Green drinks, or Spirulina added to smoothies/juices, Barley grass is wonderful.