Fungus is ugly, reeking havoc in the body from the digestive system, the bloodstream, to the joints & eventually your skin. Try drinking this simple & delicious beauty tea I’ve created with the freshness of organic spearmint. Boasting anti-fungal properties (Pau d’arco is an anti-candida/yeast infection herb), & oh so anti-aging (anything anti-fungal is highly anti-aging) with the sweet scent of rose petals (making it pretty!) & a touch of spicy ginger. MMM. All my friends LOVE this tea & request it when they visit 🙂

ANTI-FUNGAL BEAUTY TEA ~ Secret no more!

Anti-fungal tea


2 parts pau d’arco bark
2 parts spearmint leaves
Rose petals
Dried ginger

To make: simply steep in a pot to taste


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