One of my 101 top secret 100% natural, organic BODY WRAPS I’ve used for years is now yours to enjoy!

One day I hope to create an #AbisBeautyBible beauty book that’s chockas full of all of these kinds of wonderful pamperings that you can do for yourself cheaply and effectively at home, but until then you absolutely MUST have this one, and yes, you read it right, it’s all about the seaweed! Yep good ol’ smelly, slimy, oh so green and rich in minerals, that are highly alkalising, restorative, toning, doing just about everything for your skin and body, bring it… SEAWEED!

This is a very uplifting, mood enhancing body mask. The reason it’s so effective is it helps to alkalise from the outside in. Of course, best when used in conjunction with a plant based (or mostly) diet, plenty of rest, lots of sunshine, hydration, exercise, leaving off those negative thoughts and habits, and exchanging them for happy mindset. You can read more about my love for these things here on my website, and also my Instagram where I tend to share more often (these busy days)!

But this treatment is a great start, because, firstly, you feel like a crazy green monster, and doesn’t that just change everything? I’m ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing) as I type this, because when I indulge in this ridiculous looking procedure at the beach I’m sure I must look rather terrifying to small children. It honestly boosts your confidence a lot, because without it you won’t begin in the first place. Seriously though you can easily do this at home over your bathtub, or shower, although it can be a bit messy. If you prefer to a wrap you can always just throw it all into a tub and soak as in my Sea of Blackness recipe shared previously.

Okay! Soo now for the magical ABI’S SEAWEED BODY WRAP recipe:

  • 1/2 cup either kelp powdered, or very small granules style of kelp will work too (actually what I’ve used here in this batch, pictured)
  • Water, beginning with 1/2 – 1 cup to mix, keep checking the consistency and add more water if needed as the kelp will swell
  • 4 drops any essential oils of your choice, I love using pine, grapefruit in this one
  • Tablespoonful of each raw honey and olive oil

That’s it! Mix up these healing, detoxifying, skin nurturing ingredients just before you are wanting to slather yourself like a cocoon in 15 – 30 minutes of mermaid heavenly bliss. The seaweed will swell up after a while, so just add more water if needed as you go, and even again just before use. After allowing the powerful mask to work it’s magic, rinse the whole body off well, rubbing the skin as you go with a warm or cold invigorating shower, or plunge directly into the ocean if you’re doing this courageously at the seaside as I did! That’s my favourite place to do this wrap. FEELS SOO AMAZING, your skin will be as velvety, silk and you should feel completely re-energised by all the restorative minerals! Be sure to pop on warm clothes if the weather is cool afterwards.

Hope you love this as I do, let me know how you go! Wishing the best to all for the new year and decade ahead, 2020 here we come! xxx Abigail