I feel inspired to skip directly to number 8 in my list of TIPS FOR SUPERGORGEOUSNESS as I need this so much myself, today. Right NOW!
I wonder if you do too?…
At times we feel so overwhelmed; to achieve, to be, to do, to excel. Everyday we have things which must be done, dreams to work towards perhaps. Fitness & health to keep up with, people to please.
But enough must be enough. When you, when I, have done all that can possibly be done, we must TRUST.
Popular health speakers, magazine article writers, words from the Bible, new-agers & natural healers will tell us, there is certainly a time to let go…& we know it. But it’s not always that easy.
I want to share with you what I do, to stay sane in my crazy life of writing, modelling, mothering (which for me is my first priority), being the good wife (read buttering my husbands toast in the morning)…keeping up with friends & family, cooking healthy meals, keeping house…etc…
When I have done my very best, I take a few deep breaths, pray, take a few moments out in nature. I choose to believe. To rest my hope in the unseen. There is a realm which we cannot control. When it comes to it, I CHOOSE TO HAVE FAITH. This for me is the most DYNAMIC of MY 8 TIPS FOR SUPERGORGEOUSNESS. This is my centre, my power for living a life of optimism, love & light. Wishing you peace too, you here reading now, peace in the beautiful choice to simply TRUST.