The virtue Temperance (Sophrosyne in Greek is defined as “moderation in action, thought, or feeling; self-control, restraint.”

WOOHOO, okay so THIS is No 5!!! Go on then, get excited! TEMPERANCE of course is a matter of all seriousness. Only I’d like to share with you why it truly does LIBERATE me entirely & contribute to my feeling of joy, generally.

To be in control of oneself gives a great sense of fulfillment. I’m not saying I never indulge. Only, I do find that indulging doesn’t give me anywhere near the satisfaction that TEMPERANCE brings. So I tend to indulge in things people probably don’t consider an indulgence at all. That’s right, I don’t have cheat days.

For many years I’ve practiced what I consider to be a ‘temperate’ kind of lifestyle. I’ve never been drunk, very rarely eat sugar, haven’t used ‘drugs’ or cigarettes, coffee or tea to ‘get me by’. I live simply. I enjoy spending time in nature & going to bed early. I could go on but this may bore some of you more fast-paced livers out there! (I’d challenge you to a surf though anyday 😉 ha) You see TEMPERANCE is really just about you being in control, & not letting stuff control you. That’s the point I’m making…& it can apply to just about anything. Even good things like work or exercise, even shopping for nice things (not applicable to chocolate though) can be overdone!

The thing is, I FEEL AMAZING when I keep things in balance. I don’t need ‘stuff’ to get me going for the day, & I don’t need to rely upon unnatural things or things generally to make me happy. I just am.

It’s a daily, momentarily kind of choice. That’s why I believe in TEMPERANCE, & that’s why I’ll keep it as one of my 8 LAWS FOR SUPERGORGEOUSNESS! IT WORKS.