SUNSHINE is my daily elixir” without it, I begin to feel less than well! I’ve always loved the sun, only, it’s become a bit ‘uncool’ these days. I’ve never been one simply to follow trends. Apparently if you want to look like a wrinkly old prune & get skin cancers then by all means go out into the sun. UNPROTECTED!…Pfft.

Don’t worry, I’m not a complete sunscreen crucifier. I’m a surfer… & when I go surfing, with my family, we all wear sunscreen! Good quality, natural sunscreen, as far as possible. I opt for ‘Invisible Zinc’ (sports/waterproof). It’s the best one I can find that actually works, & is high in zinc as opposed to other nasties.


I like to strip off between 8am & 10am for 20 minutes or so, whenever I have time (& the sun is out) soaking in it’s life giving rays. My favourite is the morning sun. SUNSHINE promotes strong healthy bones, wound healing, healing in general, is beneficial for Vitamin D, energy renewal, aids in detoxification (I like to get at least an hour more of SUNLIGHT when doing a detox) & best of all SUNSHINE is highly mood enhancing. Feel how soothing an hour of sun can feel when you’ve got a bad cold in Winter, so beautifully therapeutic.

We all have different skin, so factor that in when you enjoy sunlight. I’m ‘olive-skinned’ & I find this contributes to me craving a lot more of it than my friend, who is as fair as an ‘english rose’!

‘The kisses of the sun are always free’ is my caption for this image. Go on! Enjoy a little SUNSHINE 😀