REST. You probably have heard that you need around 8hrs sleep at night for optimum health. Some of us may need a little less, but depending on WHEN those hours of deep refreshing sleep are taken you may need even MORE! (The hours before midnight double your beauty sleep benefits 🙂 woohoo). Yet there’s so much more to the small but vital word, “REST’…which is why it’s such a vital part of my 8 Tips for SUPERGORGEOUSNESS regime!!
Choose REST for relaxation, refreshing, re-energizing & invigorating the body & the mind.

Also, decide to set aside some quiet time for yourself each day (not sleeping) to think about your goals, make any changes needed & surrender what you cannot change. This too is REST.

I make it part of my weekly agenda to give my mind a REST from all things technology & work related each week. Being raised a Seventh Day Adventist will do that to you. I love setting aside time to enjoy something fun, spiritual, healing, nature restorative (such as surfing, bushwalking, yoga). REST can be time to connect with family or friends, going out for a cup of tea or healthy lunch, to the markets, to the movies.

REST is absolutely essential for clear skin, bright eyes, a positive outlook, bright ideas, a new perspective, health, beauty, wellness in general & even more vital when you need extra healing energy.