Surfing is one of my favourite ways to exercise! I don’t even notice how much energy I’m expending until afterwards! I also love to go for a walk or practice yoga, something I’m giving more time, even if it’s only 10 minutes!

NUTRITION (see previous post) is so vital to good health.. but I must add that all the good food in the world will not do for your body what exercise or movement, will do.
Imagine a stream. Think of water which is clear & clean as a mountain stream.. It is only movement which makes it so. Your body is likewise. Made up of 70% water it must move to stay clear & clean.

Exercise promotes healthy metabolism, healthy skin, hair, eyes, bones, nails & even teeth!.. Exercise promotes efficient removal of toxins & wastes, efficient usage of food to build & restore.. & also enhances healthy appetite, promotes restful sleep, aids in wound healing, healing & renewal generally. You may notice how few wrinkles sportspeople have! EXERCISE IS WHAT YOUR BODY IS STARVING FOR RIGHT NOW. The great part about it is.. the more you get active, the better you feel (& look) & the more you will LOVE & WANT to exercise!

Simple tip hey?.. But do you know that every one of MY 8 TIPS FOR SUPERGORGEOUSNESS (see earlier post) are absolutely VITAL. Break even one & you miss out on being your most radiant! You deprive your body of power & life. You miss out on being the best YOU you can be.

LETS GET TO IT… EXERCISE… THINK I’LL GET UP & GO FOR 20 revitalizing minutes NOW 😀