I avoid high allergy foods like dairy/wheat/sugar (most of the recipes on this blog will be gluten free, dairy free and sugar free) simply because I feel so much better when I do. Below are a few of my favourite breakfast/lunch ‘fast foods’- quick & easy yet delicious and nutritionally balanced.. most ingredients can be purchased from the supermarket or try your local healthfood store, even better – organic markets 🙂

organic eggs with rice bread, beets & fresh greens & lots of cayenne pepper ;P*POACHED ORGANIC EGGS – I buy a the local sourdough bread or make my own.. ‘Kamut’ is really good! also spelt or rye (there are rice bread or wheat-free & sprouted versions available) delicious & varied in nutrients.
Prepare a few green leaves of baby spinach or rocket, endive, parsley with lemon and olive oil.. some cherry tomatoes, fresh basil pesto, olives if you like them.. then softly poach organic eggs and place over a piece of toasted sourdough which has been drizzled with olive oil. Grind fresh salt/cayenne pepper on top.. add chives, pesto etc. SOOO YUMMM! I love this after a good run or early morning yoga session, easily digested protein.

homecooked pintos with onions, miso & parsley served on rice toast with garlic, radiccio greens & lots of olive oil!*LEGUMES ON TOAST – Saute a small onion, add a tin of organic borlotti beans or cook your own, some tamari.. fresh parsley or basil, onion powder.. salt & olive oil. Really good served with crumbled goats cheese on rice/rye or spelt toast or without bread & mashed avocado, lemon, salt & some organic cherry tomatoes.

*THERMOS OATS – Prepare some quick oats in a thermos for 20mins, half-half with oats boiling water; nice with sheeps yogurt & passionfruit or lecithin, ground linseeds & blueberries!

banana with flaxoil & macadamia butter on toast*BANANA + FLAX OIL ON TOAST – Really fast food, good anytime of day. Toast some organic sourdough ricebread, drizzle with nutritious omega 3 flaxoil then thickly spread with macadamia butter, top with slices of banana, a light sprinkle of celtic salt & a few drops of lemon.. an amazing taste sensation! Try replacing nut butter with thin slices of goats cheese.

quinoa with fresh basil, almonds, flaxoil & celtic salt*QUINOA – A grain; cook like rice (absorbtion method) and have in place of cereal with fruit & coconut cream. For lunch or savoury breakfast you can make quinoa into a delicious ‘tabouli’ style salad with freshly chopped herbs, dried tomatoes.. small cubes of marinated tofu, onions, lime juice & olive oil dressing, try a few sunflower sprouts on top. just experiment using different fresh foods. I love radishes & fresh basil with quinoa, celtic salt & flax-oil~ so simple yet delicious. No time no fuss and so good for your body temple.

rainbow salad.. lots of chopped red cabbage, green beans, fennel, spring onions, corn kernals & raw almonds with dressing.. delicious!! *Pictured here is my take along ‘Rainbow Salad’ alternatively I always pack fresh VEGE STICKS for on shoots. Quick, easy & save you getting starving and grabbing at anything later. Also nut mixes with goji berries & sunflower seeds.. a tasty hummus is good protien, or an avocado with olives. You can make delicous rice salads (see lunch diaries) with a nice dressing & some fresh capsicum, olives, onions or fresh tomatoes.

*SWEET POTATOES – only if you’re near an oven. Sweet red or white potatoes baked whole on oven racks, slit open & stuffed with some tasty hummus, homemade organic pesto, grated beets with lime juice, cayenne pepper & himilayan pink salt, drizzled with olive oil.. some fresh greens & a sprinkling of ‘sunseeds’ (recipe in health notes). A good HUMMUS, SALAD DRESSING OR PESTO (lunch diaries) made over the weekend it can help make healthy toasted sandwiches, salads, just about anything taste good in a hurry!

*KIEFER – Like yogurt only higher in beneficial bacteria for your tummy 🙂 It is creamiest made on organic ‘Vitasoy’ soy milk & tastes very refreshing. See your local healthfood shop to buy the kiefer grains. You can add some passionfruit & blueberries when prepared or agave syrup.. yum!

fresh strawberry guavas from the orchard
Remember women NEED to be indulged DAILY!!! So instead of chocolate, coffee or biscuits mid morning, by yourself some really expensive organic cherries, or something unusual like my strawberry guavas (pictured). You’ll feel decadently nurtured! 🙂