OK. So I’ve been tweeting madly about my first detox of the new year & I know so many of you may not have the time or the money to go away to a gorgeous dayspa in some exotic location & melt your stress, toxins, along with any particular ailments, away. I know with a busy family I certainly don’t!

I personally enjoy my do-it-yourself cleanse 2-4 times per year. It’s easy & it works. PLEASE bare in mind that I’m not a doctor, the knowledge I’m sharing here with you is not to heal you of any specific disease! From personal experience though, it may improve your quality of life, your skin, your energy levels & ‘acid’ buildup (often caused by stress, cooked & processed foods, sugar, coffee & tea, city living etc) within the system. I’ve found it amazing for restoring balance of mind & body & reducing tension or pain.

I don’t have time to go into all the benefits of fasting here, which include everything from clear skin to increased flexibility, nor explain all of my past experience which has brought me to a point where I feel confident in what I’m doing. There’s so much useful information you can find, if you want it. Please read as much as you can before embarking on any detox program yourself at home. It’s so much better to learn by articles or books written on the subject, than to experiment to find out what doesn’t work!

Also, bear in mind that my body is quite ‘clean’, as I don’t eat sugar or processed foods in my day to day life, neither do I drink coffee, tea, alcohol or soda drinks. I live as close to nature as possible.
For some of you, cutting out unhealthy foods & replacing them with good ones will be enough of a detox! For a while. Then, you may like to start including freshly made juices (including green drinks) in your diet & switch cooked vegetables to lightly steamed & raw foods. Eating more fruit is easy! So many delicious fruits!!…& choosing to drink lots of water of course. See my 8 TIPS FOR SUPERGORGEOUSNESS if you want to begin by making healthy lifestyle choices!

SO. What do I do on a fast?

*When cleansing my body, I try to pick times of seasonal change for maximum benefit, also there are lots of fresh new season fruits at those times which make perfect natural sweeteners for my fresh juices. Herbs like basil, parsley or coriander may be added to savoury green drinks.

*I make sure I eat lightly for 2 days before beginning a fast. Raw fruits for breakfast with almond milk or soaked chia seeds & kefir, or a smoothie (see my smoothie recipes), extra big green salads with a quality protien such as hummus & my seed ‘cheese’, or fresh fish or a legume dish. Less starch during lead up days & I like to include a fresh vegetable juice as well as my usual 2 litres + of water.

*Things I like to have on hand: Fresh apples & pears, carrots, beetroots, spinach, kale, celery, ginger, limes, lemons, fresh tumeric, fresh parsley, basil & mint, garlic, onions, pineapple if in season, watermelon or rockmelons (not GM), preferably all organic or chemical free for juicing. Organic potatoes for potassium broths.

*Extra goodies: I love to include salt glows during my cleanse. Also sunbaths, walks in nature, deep breathing, passive yoga, herbal teas such as dandelion (try a pinch of organic cinnamon with dandelion tea for cravings), ginger & lemon, peppermint, camomile & lavender – for a calming tea.

*Detoxifying. 5 Organs of elimination. Your five organs of elimination are your bowels, skin, lungs, kidneys & liver. To make the most of my detox, I like to activate them all, cleansing deeply. I use steam baths to activate the skin; liver tonic herbs + a liver flush on night 3 for liver cleansing; colonics, enemas OR isotonic drinks (2 litre concoction of sea water, hot water, cold water in equal parts) to cleanse the bowel; deep breathing to open the lungs; lots of water, teas & juices to cleanse the kidneys.

During a cleanse, I’ll also take probiotics once daily in the morning with a green juice. I take clay & psyllium husks twice daily apart from my juice ‘meal’ as it will absorb good as well as bad surroundings! Excellent for drawing out toxins from the bowel. I use ‘Edible Earth‘ clay which is formulated to encourage healthy gut flora. I’ll drink 3 – 5 juices per day during a cleanse depending on how busy I am, with at least 2 – 3 juices containing vegetables. I also drink 3 – 4 litres of water (with herbal teas), depending on how much sweating I do in the way of hydrotherapy treatments or exercise 🙂

*Eliminate or Stop. The detox tips I’ve written here are extremely useful for busy people. If you keep all your organs of elimination at work during a fast, you may surprise yourself with how much you can still accomplish & how much energy you still have!… Toxins if left to swirl around in your body, being stirred up by the fast but not released, can make you feel pretty awful. Something I learned during a 5 day water fast, was, either get it (toxins) out – or slow it (the cleanse) down‘. You can slow a cleanse down to a halt by having a small organic salad to break the fast, or perhaps a drink of coconut water (pictured, with rockmelon juice, tastes like ice-cream). Green smoothies are perfect for a first light meal.

To keep a feeling of equilibrium while fasting, or accelerate into a stronger cleansing phase, activate one, two or all five organs of elimination.

*Take time to rest. Rest when needed! I like to take a day nap when fasting, also get to bed before 9pm. Resting while getting a dose of sunshine is always nice, extra vitamin D is essential for energy while fasting, & so beneficial to your whole body.

Please feel free to comment with any questions you may have. I’ve enjoyed taking the time to detoxify my body regularly over the last 15 years & have learned so much as to what not to do! Fasting is a powerful way to restore & promote healing within the body