The Most Beautiful

I just copied this gorgeous 'quote' out word for word, start/stopping an old 1992 Sports Illustrated video clip of a very young, sweet and [...]

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Kindness Comes Back

Once upon a time, when our children were little we used to read them bedtime stories with moral values implied. Sometimes they were spiritual [...]

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Healthy Eyes

You've probably guessed it! I believe in buckets of carrots, spinach, walking, sunlight, fresh air, rest, lots of water, alkalizing juices, green drinks, vegetables, [...]

2012-03-27T04:36:18+00:00March 27th, 2012|

Free Spirit

"Beauty is all around us, only, where do we find it?" ~ Abigail O'Neill Where do you choose to find beauty? Is it for you [...]

2012-03-04T20:38:12+00:00March 4th, 2012|

Be Kind To Yourself

"BE A FRIEND TO YOURSELF, & OTHERS WILL BE SO TOO" ~ THOMAS FULLER Wishing you the courage this week to make the best [...]

2012-02-12T05:24:02+00:00February 12th, 2012|

Husband Spoiling

Valentines day is almost here!...so considering I've been married for some time now, I thought I'd post one or two love tips. I really [...]

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Dream & Do

‎"A dream realized is a dream cultivated, believed in, a dream, lived." ~ Abigail O'Neill, 2011 I have a massive red cardboard in my [...]

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