DIY Tumeric Banana Face Mask

This super-easy face mask revitalised my skin in a flash! It's mild enough for any skin type and is gently purifying, nourishing, hydrating. Tumeric [...]

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Fabulous 4Step Facial

Me and my friend Sarah having some pampering in my bathroom, her hubby Simon came along to snap some digi pics for you... The [...]

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Gypsea Narcissism

blame boredom, too much cacao... this modern age... lack of sea and sun. whatevs... ❦ ❧ ❤ ❥ ❣ ❦ ❧ COZ ACTUALLY, THESE SWIMMERS ARE [...]

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Food Cravings?

We've all experienced food cravings/addictions of one kind or another. I'd like to suggest that the feeling of desire for any food/substance can actually [...]

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Healthy Eyes

You've probably guessed it! I believe in buckets of carrots, spinach, walking, sunlight, fresh air, rest, lots of water, alkalizing juices, green drinks, vegetables, [...]

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....& JOLLY WELL EVERYTHING ELSE. In case you haven't yet spotted it I'm writing a totally supergorgeous & superhealthy RAW CHOCO BOOK for you. [...]

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Natural PMS-Muscle Fixer-Upper

CHOCOLATE. The most incredulous PMS 'Fixer-Upper' I know! Why do we (women) crave large doses of it every 30 days or so??? I wonder. Raw cacao [...]

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100% Free Body Exfoliant

Something I love to do weekly is exfoliate my entire body. Usually, I use a spicy salt scrub which I make myself, using ginger [...]

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Dande Chai Latte

A little like coffee, a bit like tea! This is one of my favourite healthy indulgences, and so easy to make. I like to [...]

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