NEED. Antioxidants x 200,00,000? Yep. Me too! That's why I've just invented this super-delicious sugar free, dairy free, allergy free and gluten free slice [...]

2014-05-24T14:17:58+00:00May 24th, 2014|

Pineapple Pillows

HIIII all! So excited to share this little variation on my classic favourite from the book, 'Cranberry Ripe'. Although not everyone in my house [...]

2014-02-17T18:45:36+00:00February 17th, 2014|

Ferrero Rocher Hot Cacao Cups

HI!!! So snowed under this Friday afternoon reshooting lots of raw chocolate deliciousness for Easter magazine issues! Just HAD to stop and share this [...]

2014-02-07T14:49:20+00:00February 7th, 2014|

Raw Chocolate Top Deck

TRUE #beautyfood! For those of you who have the ebook or hard copy, here's a simple idea which I shared on the Model Chocolate Instagram [...]

2014-01-30T17:15:58+00:00January 30th, 2014|

Chokola Granola Bars

These bars are a simple to make treat using the original recipes for both Chokola Granola and Classic Dark chocolate from the book. 101 [...]

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Ever wanted a coconut chocolate bar without all that sugar, dairy and whatever else? Want it to be all raw vegan too? No worries! [...]

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