I’m so excited. I’ve been enjoying seeing images filter through on Instagram and some of the live shows from Paris Fashion Week. Two that particularly caught my eye was by Chanel and Givenchy! Both high end fashion designers and this season, both using food to help market their gorgeous creations.

Here’s a few of my favourite images snapped via various magazine editors on Instagram.

Givenchy Runway

Get set for change! Calling all revolutionary fashionistas reading this post, and you creatively fashionable health buffs! Lets help do our bit to help nudge this big ball and get it really rolling! Whether we like it or not, the fashion industry has a huge influence on society, especially the young. I’d love to see it’s various mediums incorporating more healthy and positive messages through its forms of artistic expression.

Chanel 2

Besides those of us with good intentions, it seems even the top-dogs – previously perhaps not so concerned with eco/fairtrade/greener or organic ways of growing/making things, have noticed a swing in mainstream consumers, who’ve been opting for healthier products.

Set for Chanel Chanel 3 Chanel 4 Chanel 5 Chanel 6

It makes for a fashion story that is incredible. I’ve always loved Chanel! And that model paused above, yep!… Isn’t that just what we do nowadays when visiting the supermarket?!!! Read the labels, and the ingredients! 🙂

Chanel 7

Besides obsessing about Karl Lagerfeld’s glorious new range (love love love and love), I reckon the more of this kind of marketing there is the better. Isn’t that massive fruits and vegetables produce table amazing?… And the image of the Givenchy supermarket runway, far top? ACE! It helps to send a message to young people that food is cool, and shopping for it selectively even cooler.

Below are a couple of pictures from my iphone. On the left, my book placed with a few fashion favourite books of mine (they just look so lovely together on my coffee table!), also a BTS snap of models Antonia and Sebastian when we were shooting Model Chocolate. You can see a few more of those here.

Model Chocolate bts snap  Coffee Table books

Model Chocolate is my very first recipe book. Using 100% my own inspiration, it is truly my gift of love to the world. It started with an idea to create a cookbook that looked like a Vogue magazine with irresistibly healthy recipes that really tantalise the tastebuds, as well as theming eco/fairtrade fashion designers in the fashion/beauty photoshoots. 😉